Bunkhouse Trailers Specifcations


Purpose built accommodation units for the corporate and event market,

With rising logistical costs of operating key staff on events have driven the need for the new Bunkhouse trailers, private simple rooms to retire to at the end of a long day, shower and be back to work without the need of travelling off location to locate a hotel. Gone are the days of having a long day and an early start ahead with hours wasted in relocating.

Units are designed to be located on site in a matter of minutes, simply connect supplies and you have ten air conditioned rooms to use.

Been travelling from job to job, struggling to keep on top of the laundry, No worries, washer and separate clothes dryer built into the communal rest area.

Simple catering is covered by the availability of a microwave, fridge and an instantaneous boiling water point.

Want a good night’s sleep, each bedroom is equipped with a pocket sprung mattress, for that extra cosy experience each bed has closure curtains and wall to wall carpet, this makes the bedroom are as quiet and pleasant as possible on a busy event site when only a few hours sleep may be available.

No time to sort sleeping bags or linen, simply book a basic or deluxe laundry pack, plain new pillows and duvets, robes are all available by pre order.



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